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The project, funded by a generous Common Heritage grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, invited congregants of the Hood A.M.E. Zion Church to a day-long event during which the Historical Society staff oversaw the digitization of the church community's cultural heritage materials. The ongoing goal is to preserve these personal and community collections in order to make them a resource to be shared through the Society's web site.

Collection Items

Oyster Bay Bible School
Group photograph of teachers and students of the Oyster Bay Bible School

Bombers Club and Walter Smith (inset)
Walter Smith, bartender at Oyster Bay's Bombers Club, a social club on South Street next to the Mt. Olive Baptist Church. A native of Exmoor, Virginia, Mr.. Smith tended bar as well at Brad's Bar on Audrey Avenue, and worked as a mason and cook in…

Langston Francis and son William
Langston Francis pitched for the Bombers Club baseball team in the 1940s. The club played Sunday afternoons on the Oyster Bay High School field, against teams from Long Island and coastal Connecticut. The families of the home team hosted barbecues…

Langston Francis
Langston Francis, pitching for the Oyster Bay Bombers Club, c. 1950

Walter Smith
Inset photograph of Walter Smith from 150.002 (see description, Bombers Club and Walter Smith)

The Matter, October-December 1975
Cover of The Matter, a quarterly magazine published by John J. Maddox out of East Norwich in the 1970s, selling for 35 cents an issue.

The Matter, October-December 1975, page 3
Image featuring the 1916 class of the East Norwich School, Gordon Maddox (brother of the editor, in front row)

The Matter, October-December 1975, page 21
Containing a feature article on Gordon Maddow, Sr., brother of the editor John J Maddox, continued on pages 22 and 23.

The Matter, October-December 1975, page 22
Feature article, continued from page 21, on Gordon Maddow, Sr., brother of editor John J. Maddox, continued on page 23
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